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Because of the Covid pandemic, and with so many of the schools opening and closing throughout the 2020-21 school year, it became difficult put together a standard program for all area schools. So, in order to be fair, it was decided to postpone the senior's scholarships this spring. However,  to make up for this, we have determined that scholarship opportunities will be expanded for the 2021-22 school year to include FIRST YEAR COLLEGE STUDENTS.  Therefore, please check back to  our website to get the particulars, both for high schools SENIORS and for college FRESHMEN. 


NEW :   In addition to our normal area wide scholarship program, BSI is working with the World Affairs Council, the United Nations Association - USA and others, to promote global co-operation and awareness. We do so, because sports has long been a means for international cooperation and friendly competition. It is in that spirt, BSI will assist students in the Pittsburgh Region and their peers in Europe, to interact and explore the importance of the UN and our alliances. Plans are underway to possibly include Sports Federations in Belgium, Austria and The Netherlands who could provide support for the program. Specialized Scholarships will also be introduced as part of this new initiative. More information will be posted on our website soon.


SUCCESS. Our project in co-operation with the World Affairs Council of Pgh was a success. We hosted a Student Leadership Forum at Robert Morris Univ. Nearly 150 high school seniors and faculty members from 14 area school districts took part. We arranged for 3 great presenters- US Congressman Conor Lamb; Jessica Friedrichs (Carlow University) and a former French Consul Jean-Pierre Collet and they covered the importance of US alliances, diplomacy and volunteerism -at home and abroad. Leo Trich was very impressed by the students and how interested they were in world engagement. That was our goal. THANK YOU TO ALL WHO ATTENDED and to all who helped make it possible. Five $1000 scholarships, $1000 each, will be awarded. Selections will be made from among those who attended.  
Those selected : Madeline Ganoe (Rotary Club of Pgh Award); Atharv Bhave (Washington Co. Chamber of Commerce Award); Michael Koroly (North Franklin Twp. Business and Recreation Authority Award); Olivia Estright (BSI Larry Kushner Award) and Rhea Karim (BSI Leaders Award) 

The selection committee followed this format - selection based (1) on school/community leadership involvement, (2) Volunteerism, (3) financial need and (4) scholastic achievements (grades     


Ballpark Scholarship Inc, (BSI) was founded in 2001 and is a non-profit volunteer organization. We are devoted to supporting the further education of young athletes from Western Pennsylvania and to promote their leadership in the community. Although the original mission included the building of profession sports venue (Home of the Washington Wild Things), as a way to promote economic development and enhance the quality of life through sports entertainment, that mission also includes providing college scholarships. In doing so, we assist area high school seniors further their education. In addition, BSI wants to reward and promote area athletes who show leadership traits and a desire to help their schools and community, by volunteering their time to help others.

Please look over our website and see how you might help us in our mission.  We encourage you to part in our efforts. Join us our mission -   EDUCATION & LEADRESHIP Through SPORTS.
About UsAbout Us

What We Do

Sports Promotion

BSI will continue to assist sports programs that help provide great experiences for the young people involved - as well as help provide sports related community activities designed to entertain area residents.

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Provide Scholarships

BSI provides scholarships to area student athletes to help them further their education at the college or r trade/technical school level . Western PA High school seniors can earn $1000 grants. In addition college students can earn honorariums for specific projects. Applications can be requested by sending an email to or by checking with your local HS athletic director.

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Leadership Promotion

BSI believes that student leadership - on the field and off - is important. For that reason, not only is that one of the aspects considered for scholarship winners, we are now planning leadership programs to urge students to become active in school and community activities. BSI plans to co-operate with and assist programs sponsored by others, who share our goal of promoting volunteerism and leadership.

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Our History and Goals


What are some of the projects BSI is planning ?

BSI is anxious to get moving on a number of projects - 

* This fall (2021) BSI will be announcing it's new international related scholarship program. It will be open to all area senior sports participants (from any sport) with a major emphasis on those students who show involvement in school, community and volunteer activities -- and a desire to be part of promoting cooperation with peers internationally and to learn more about world events.
NOTE: with the postponement of spring 2021 scholarships, BSI has decided to expand 2021-22 scholarship opportunities to SENIORS in high school and college FRESHMEN.

Who Is Eligible For BSI College Scholarships

Eligibility for the various BSI scholarship programs can vary. But for our long-standing local high school program,  all student in Western PA, who participate in sport, would be eligible. They must be a senior, who is planning on furthering their education at college level. 

How Can I Obtain A Scholarship Application

You can receive an application by sending your name and mailing address to us by email:   Applications will also be made available to area high school Athletic Directors and through high school guidance counselors. 

What will scholarship applicants be judged on?

Criteria will include academics, school and community involvement and leadership traits and involvement in sports. Keep in mind however, that for some of our new specialized scholarship programs - additional criteria will also be considered.

What are the deadline dates for 2021 Scholarships ?

Spring 2021 Standard BSI Scholarships  Because of Covid, 2021 scholarships are being postponed - Please see story the 1st page for more details..  

How can I get invloved in helping BSI

We are always looking for people willing to volunteer their time to assist us with our projects. If you would like to see how you might take part - please contact us at     

If I donate to BSI, is it a charitable tax deduction?

The short answer is YES !  Ballpark Scholarships Inc (BSI) is a non-profit 501(c-3) charity, recognized as such by the I.R.S at the Federal level and that the state level as well.  Certainly and all financial contributions - or in-kind donations are very welcome. And you can be assured all donations will be put into our programs - designed to help young people.  Please contact by email us if you are interested in making a donation.

Who will select the Scholarship Winners?

Each scholarship cycle, a group of local education, sports and business people are asked to serve on a "independent selection committee" to evaluate the applications and select the winners.
 It should be noted that any student who is related to a BSI Board member or a member of the independent selection committee, WILL NOT be eligible for BSI Scholarships.

In the News

In the News !

In the News !

BSI Scholarship Award winners for spring 2019 have been announced. They are Cameron Meier and Skylar Hutchins - the first two girl softball players to be selected. Also named was Abram King. This year's awards are named in honor of long-time educator and sports enthusiast Larry Kushner, who passed away early this year. Larry had been as strong supporter of BSI projects and will be greatly missed. Congratulations to our 2019 award recipients. **(2020 scholarship program were postponed because of Covid-19 school closings)

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New Student Leadership Awards program coming...

New Student Leadership Awards program coming...

New Leadership Awards program were initiated in 2019 - More special programs wil be offered in the fall of 2021 and will be open to area seniors. Stay tuned !

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Our Volunteer Board

Our Volunteer Board
The BSI Board is made up of volunteers. 
The current board consists of Leo Trich, Jr, President/Founder, Jon Celani - Sec/Trea. , Patrick Sadler and Ricci Rich.

Former BSI Board members include :  
Phil Hamilton, Michael Smith, Anthony Nicolella, Dr. Ed Roman,  J. Barry Stout,  Pete Daley


  • BSI Way, Washington, Pennsylvania, United States
  • Mailing address : 1347 Gabby Ave. Washington PA 15301

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